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This collection of articles has been developed by Robert Tearle Consulting and leading figures from business and industry - sharing with us their views, insight and experiences of the business world today.

Listed first are our articles for our employer clients. In the middle are articles which may be of value equally both to our employer clients and to prospective candidates. Finally we present those specifically for candidates, such as CV templates.


Robert Tearle gives the lowdown on headhunting

Undertake a google search and it may well present the following definition: “Headhunting” – the practice among some people of collecting the heads of dead enemies as trophies. Ask any senior HR Director / CXO and they’ll agree with the following definition: ‘HEAD-HUNTING’,

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The savvy hiring team's guide to recruiting leaders

The more senior the hire, the more likely the role will involve shaping the strategy of the business rather than implementing it – doing the right thing rather than doing things right... It’s more about strategic versus tactical objectives.

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Why you're struggling to hire top sales performers

Conventional recruitment practice is based on recruiting active job seekers through job ads/boards. However, often these are other people’s failures. If you want the best people, you’re best served fishing in a different pool where people are heads down and happy, and not available on the jobs market.

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Interviewing framework

You can’t guarantee success when hiring however you can minimise your risk and to paraphrase Red Adair, “If you thinking hiring a good employee is expensive, wait till you hire a bad one.

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Competency based interviewing & question bank

As a manager, many of your people decisions will be those which make or break you! This particular article is written to help the interviewer approach their interview better

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How executives can best approach their first 100 days

The first 100 days of employment within any business represents a golden opportunity to make a positive impact and build a platform for ongoing success. By day 101 you could be sitting on top of the world. If you hired them, your head is on the block!

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How salespeople can best approach their first 100 days

How you can turn 47% failure rate of new sales hires towards 80% success rate.Average performance of salespeople with 1 or more years’ tenure is 80% compared with just 53% for a new hire.#1

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Emotional intelligence

EI Accounts for 58% of performance in all job types. However 36% of people have no awareness of EI. 

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Developing your executive presence

Developing your executive presence is ‘brand you’, and is critical to your success in a fiercely competitive corporate world.

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MBAs and their alternatives

MBAs and alternatives can take you to the next level up. 36 per cent of CEOs in the Fortune 100 are MBAs! According to research MBA graduates can earn 18 per cent more than those without one.

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Is it time to put your career back at the top of you agenda?

If you are a professional or executive, chances are that career planning is something you think of in the context of people in the early stages of their career however to exploit your full potential you need to be cognizant that career planning and development applies throughout your career life-cycle.

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Your route to CEO

If you’re a middle manager looking ahead, or a senior manager looking to make it to the next/top level, Robert Tearle's white paper ‘Your route to CEO’ gives essential background information and insights to help increase your chances of getting there.

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Maximising your career earnings

Every 5% less you earn could mean thousands of pounds overall - so grab that 5% with both hands! It is a common phenomenon for salary levels to vary by 5% either way, so the table above is much more realistic than you might imagine. Sometimes the variation in salaries can be far greater – as much as 15-20% or more!

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The Executive CV Resume (Tips & templates to help you)

Your CV/Resume will provide a point of reference to your employers when they are promoting, and when considering who stays and who goes — not just when people are applying for new positions. And they are far more important than you think they are! Download our templates from the links below...

CV Template 1 | CV Template 2 | CV Template 3


Linked-In - your online brand

Today, you can expect people making business decisions to check out customers, suppliers and prospective hires on social media and linkedin.

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Women on board

Companies with women on board are out-performing their rivals, with better sales outcomes and overall business performance – upwards of 40% on key metrics.

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The importance of 'brand you' when seeking promotion

If you want to get promoted you’ve got to make sure you’re 'promote-able' says Robert Tearle, MD of Robert Tearle Consulting. Brand you’ is critical to your success and more important than ever today because your social & professional on line digital footprints shape people’s perceptions of you.

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