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These type of salespeople double revenues of others

These type of salespeople double revenues of others

Do you know that salespeople who are rich in emotional intelligence have been known to produce double the revenues of those with average EI?

So how is this?

It's attributable to a better self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management - these are the core dimensions which shape your emotional intelligence.

So what are these?

• Self-awareness. The ability to understand your emotions as well as recognise their impact on relationships and performance. This relates to accurate self-assessment and self-confidence.

• Self-management. Controlling your emotions and using your awareness of them to stay flexible and act positively. A critical aspect in business is the ability to keep any disruptive emotions under control in changing situations and overcoming difficulties. This relates to transparency (trustworthiness), adaptability, achievement orientation, initiative and optimism.

• Social awareness. Your ability to identify emotions in other people and to understand their perspective and take an interest in their concerns. This relates to empathy, organizational awareness and service orientation.

• Social skills/relationship management. Your ability to use your awareness of your own emotions together with your understanding of the emotions of others to manage interactions successfully. A critical aspect in business is the ability to take charge and inspire others while sending out clear, convincing and well-tuned messages. This relates to inspirational leadership, influence, developing others, change catalyst, conflict management, building bonds, team work and collaboration.


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