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Never underestimate the importance of a commanding physical presence

Never underestimate the importance of a commanding physical presence

If you want to be the best you can possibly be, you need to look the part.

It's not what you think: it's what others think that count.

Your executive presence (brand you) is determined by how others perceive you. Shaped by your image, interactions and internet impressions.

Brand you,your executive presence is critical to your success in a fiercely competitive corporate world.

It embodies the holistic approach you take to the way in which you present yourself to your subordinates, your peers and to your superiors.

Every aspect of your daily life is involved, from how you dress and speak to how you conduct yourself both in and out of the office. It will cover your digital footprint on social media, the relationships you develop and the support and mentoring you both offer and receive.

If you want to be the best you can possibly be, you need to be seen as a role model, and impressive, both physically and mentally.

As we go into summer, there's scope for you to re-energize yourself with exercise, fresh air and perhaps a new wardrobe.

Keeping fit and in good shape, will help you energize yourself..... good posture and an agile body are associated with a healthy mind. Too much weight makes you appear out of control. This is one of the reasons why politicians often like to be filmed exercising, or walking in the countryside…

Benioff, Sandberg and Bezos are all iconic figures and they’re well worth adopting as role models. However, being cool doesn’t work for everyone. And it doesn’t have to. Observe other people around you, especially those you admire, and who play significant roles, and take note of their personas and styles. Your executive presence is shaped by a 360 perspective of you and your footprints. If you think there’s room for you to improve your image or stature the following ideas should help you.


Your executive presence isn’t just shaped by what you do at work, it’s also shaped by how your project yourself and your actions outside of work! Ideally you wish to be seen as someone who is positive, has a happy disposition and who is energized. The best leaders are energizing ones. And to be energizing, you’ll ideally be fit. In the sweepstakes of life you should never under estimate the importance of a commanding physical presence.

In our capacity as headhunters, we are continually assessing people's personal brands and executive presence - you can find out how you can develop and maximise brand you in our FREE white paper "Developing your executive presence" in our white papers section on this site.


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